CASV Management Committee

Eloise Fay – Chairperson

Welcome.  I am honoured to be the Chairperson this year. I enjoy sitting on the committee so that I can support and witness the wonderful healing work that happens at CASV. I strive to play my part to actualise the CASV vision to eliminate sexual violence while providing counselling and support to the survivors. It is a privilege to serve amazing women, serving amazing women.

I am a grief counsellor and high school teacher. I have a Masters in Counselling and Bachelors in Business and Psychology from QUT. Outside of work I enjoy walking my dog, going for picnics and reading.

Lynette Denning – Treasurer

I am the Treasurer on the Centre Against Sexual Violence Management Committee and have been in this role since February 2017.  I enjoy working alongside my Management Committee colleagues to provide support to the wonderful and hardworking staff of CASV.  My previous work as a Finance Officer working within Women’s Health, Sexual Assault and Domestic and Family Violence services in Ipswich and Logan has given me considerable experience to be able to provide knowledge and assistance when required.  It is a pleasure to hear all the wonderful and positive feedback from women who access CASV.

Kirstin Reglin – Vice Chairperson

I have served on the Management Committee for CASV since May 2018. During this time, I have observed with deep admiration the extraordinary passion and dedication that exists within CASV to empower women toward reclaiming their lives after sexual assault. Every staff member goes above and beyond to support and advocate for these brave survivors and I feel honoured to be affiliated with the women of CASV. I work in a finance admin role at QUT, and live on a sailing boat with my husband and three cats. In my downtime I love rock climbing, travel, hiking, sailing and motorcycle adventures.

Tatiana Dumont – Secretary

I am a solicitor originally from Brazil and I have more than 15 years’ experience as a legal practitioner. I have developed exceptional administrative skills over the course of my career and I am totally confident managing all the aspects of the administrative and legal areas. I also hold a solid educational foundation and a passion for human rights. I moved to Australia in January 2015 and since then I have been working and studying to improve my skills and my work experience. Besides my previous educational qualification (Bachelor in Law Degree and Master Business Administration in Management), I have successfully completed the following Diplomas: Diploma of Management and Leadership and Diploma of Legal Services. Currently, I am working as a Sales Assistant at a business technologies office however I am always happy and available to provide support and legal information to CASV and the community in matters of Domestic and Family Violence, Disability and Workplace Health and Safety whenever it is necessary. I am a person who stands for justice, freedom, human dignity and equality, and I definitely use my passion and my commitment to create a better world. I am honoured to be a Member of the Management Committee because CASV values empower people to be themselves within an inclusive and supportive environment and you can actively contribute to build a more diverse and inclusive team. Outside of work I enjoy cooking, gardening and playing with my two beautiful cats