CASV Staff

Our team of specialist female counsellors are experienced professionals in the area of sexual violence & are trauma-informed.

Our qualified staff are employed from a variety of backgrounds including psychology, social work, counselling and social/behavioural sciences.

Katrina – Operations Manager & Sexual Assault Counsellor

I have been counselling at CASV since April 2007.  I am passionate about working alongside young women, culturally diverse women and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women.  I love to use expressive modes including sand play, creative drawing and movement in counselling. I bring my supportive and compassionate nature to my work with women.  My own hobbies include singing in a choir and reading.

Debbie – Organisational Manager & Sexual Assault Counsellor

Hi!  I have been working at the Centre Against Sexual Violence since 2003. It continues to be an honour and privilege to accompany the many courageous women who place their trust in the CASV organisation to accompany them on their path to healing. Your journey is a constant reminder of how important it is to continue advocating for and working towards a community that will one day be free of sexual violence. In addition to counselling, I also provide trauma informed yoga sessions for CASV clients.

Joyce – Sexual Assault Counsellor & Group Worker

As a sexual assault counsellor and group worker since 1999, I have dedicated myself to facilitating women’s and young women’s recovery from the trauma of earlier and recent sexual violence through using feminist and trauma-informed perspectives. I particularly enjoy using expressive therapy with women in counselling and group work. My work has also encompassed supporting survivors of institutional childhood abuse through the National Redress Scheme, and in advocating holistically for the varied needs of survivors. My particular area of interest is older women’s lifetime experiences of sexual violence and the types of counselling they find useful, in line with the subject matter of my PhD thesis. I believe that women possess inherent skills in survival, and I am interested in helping facilitate formation of skills and strategies to empower their recovery.

Rachel – Finance Project Worker

I started working at CASV in 2006. My role is the Finance / Project Worker and I have worked in the area of violence against women since 1993 when I started work at the Domestic Violence Resources Centre. Outside of work I enjoy camping and being with my family and friends.

Marisol  – Sexual Assault Counsellor

My pronouns are she, her and hers. I am pleased to introduce myself as a Sexual Assault Counsellor working with both young and adult women and group work facilitator. I am Salvadorean/Australian and my first language is Spanish. As your counsellor, it is my privilege to work with you on your journey towards healing and wellness.  I am warm, empathetic and genuine yet intentional and practical in my approach and have a deep respect for the courage it takes to engage in the counselling process. I bring many years of experience to the counselling room. I have learned that no matter what you have been through, there is always hope. In my work with you, I will draw from several evidence-based therapies, such as; Strength-Based Practice, Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy, Expressive Therapy including Sand Play and Symbol Work, Art Therapy and Psychoeducation Approach including the neurobiology of trauma. In my counselling framework, I understand sexual violence as a social problem not as an individual one. Together we can explore this idea further.  I look forward to working with you.

Melissa – Sexual Assault Counsellor

I have been a long term counsellor and group worker at the Centre Against Sexual Violence since 2008. I am dedicated to providing a safe and respectful space for all women to come and just be themselves, to take a breath and a time out for healing, learning and growth. I utilize a range of evidenced-based and creative therapies and enjoy the process of working with women to discover which methods best support them in their healing journey.

Miranda – Redress Counsellor & Sexual Assault Counsellor

Hi! I joined the CASV team in 2013 at the commencement of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. Currently, I am working as a National Redress Scheme (NRS) Counsellor & Sexual Assault Counsellor across both Logan & Redlands. I am passionate about helping people to heal from complex trauma and to celebrate women’s strength and resilience. I am a strong advocate for my clients and greater systemic change. I feel very lucky to work with such a great group of women within a safe and caring environment here at CASV. I enjoy adventuring, exercising, cooking (& eating) & hanging out with my border collie. I live & work on Turbul, Jagera & Yugambeh lands.

Katherine – Sexual Assault Counsellor & Community Educator

I was born and raised in Taiwan (a small beautiful island next to China, below Japan and above the Philippines), then made a life changing decision to seek education in Australia in 2008. My story with CASV began in 2013, the most beautiful journey took off with this wonderful group of women working together towards the elimination of gendered violence. I work with both young women and adult women, I am also passionate about delivering informative community education workshops and programs to young people and other members in the community. I enjoy integrating different modalities into my work and tailoring it to the unique person I work with. I can provide counselling in Mandarin or English. I am spiritual, love plants, animals, traveling, art, music, nature – ocean, forest, mountains…

Kate – Sexual Assault Counsellor & Community Liaison

I joined the CASV team in 2015 and work with both adult and young women as a counsellor in the Redlands. I am a social worker, who is passionate about a women’s right to heal from trauma and thrive in their journey through life.  I have worked alongside young people and their families for over 20 years. My practice is holistically, drawing on an eclectic theoretical base in counselling, and a broader systems approach to navigate issues of social justice for young and adult women. Areas of most interest are complex trauma, communication, healthy relationships and community development. In my private time I socialise with family and friends, walk, swim, read and travel.

Sarah – Administration Support Worker

I am a proud Maori Woman from New Zealand. I have a Diploma in Community Services Welfare Work, with a varied work history including admin roles in Domestic Violence, Aged and Disability services. I am very happy to be a part of the CASV team, and feel fortunate to work with amazing and inspiring women every day. In my personal life, I enjoy spending time outdoors in the lovely Queensland climate with Family and friends.

Naomi – Locum Sexual Assault Counsellor

My pronouns are she and her. I have been with CASV on and off with locum work since 2015 and have been working in the anti-violence community sector for over 12 years, most of this time working with survivors of sexual violence and domestic violence. I really enjoy being able to do this work and am extremely passionate about working with young people and giving them space to share. I feel fortunate that people choose to share their stories with me. I try to provide a space where we can uncover the strengths, skills and resilience that people have. I hope to provide a space where you get to choose what you want to talk about and what counselling will look like for you. My counselling approach is informed by social justice work; as well as working on the individual level with survivors, I also believe it’s essential that we advocate for system changes and acknowledge that systems do not treat all people equally. My formal qualifications are in social work. I live on Turbul and Jagera land with my family, including my two beautiful dogs. I enjoy exploring these lands and surrounds going hiking, swimming and camping.

Tania – Locum Sexual Assault Counsellor

I have worked as a trauma therapist specialising in narcissistic abuse and sexual assault since 2010. I believe in, and promote equality for the LGBTIQA+ community and rainbow sistas. I bring an in depth understanding of the subtleties of psychological games which are often part of sexual violence and relationships. I have worked at Logan CASV since 2019 and believe it is a privilege to be invited by women to hear their journey and guide them gently along their healing path. My hobbies are painting, doing aboriginal children’s shows, writing mystery novels and collecting university degrees. I believe in a world where people help each other not exploit others. My motto is people first.